Why Digital Advertising ?

Digital Advertising is fastest growing marketing channel with no signs of slowing down. In fact, most companies (including big and small business) spent more on digital marketing in 2018 than they did in 2017 and plan to increase spending in 2019.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise — marketing has always been about three things: location, location, location. And today, your target market is largely online.

Online advertisers are expected to outspend TV advertisers by $40 billion this year.

That means 40 percent of the world’s ad spending is expected to take place online in 2018, according to new forecasts, online ad spending first beat out TV as the biggest ad medium last year.

Internet ad growth is being driven by social and video display ads.
Globally, social media ad spending is estimated to rise 21 percent to $58 billion while video ad spending is rising 19 percent to $32 billion in 2018.

Digital Advertising is Targeted

Traditional advertising is Hit-or-Miss,

But Digital Advertisement platforms are changing the game. SEO and PPC can put your brand name and your content marketing in front of customers at every stage of the buying cycle.

Online Ads offer flexible ad options that allow you to segment by geographic location, demographics, interests and more.  

Provides Flexibility Across Channels

The keyword for success in digital advertising is “multi-channel.”
With digital advertising, a piece of content can be shared across a variety of platforms, which means that you are no longer confined to one page, 30 seconds, or whatever format your traditional ad was designed for.  

Mobile Engagement

Digital and mobile marketing go hand-in-hand.

Digital advertising allows you to reach your audience on the go, wherever they are, whenever they are online.

It’s an especially great place to reach Gen Z and Millennial customers.

According to a study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), mobile phone are the place Gen Z and Millennial are most likely to see relevant ads.  

Faster to Market

Market conditions and trends change quickly and that requires nimble marketing.

Lead times for traditional advertising methods are so 1990s. Between the time it takes to create an ad, to the long lead times required to buy time or space, your message and your budget suffer from being locked into a design that was created months before it will see the light of day.  

Easily Measurable

Every department needs to show how it is adding value, and with a digital campaign the metrics are built right in.

You know exactly who clicked on your content, opened it, referred it, shared it etc. You also can trace the source of your traffic from entry to the shopping cart and eventual purchase.

This will help you determine which platforms and strategies yield the best results and which deserve more investment.

Can Go Viral

With a strong digital advertising component, you, too, could become the next viral sensation.